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I had Colin Kelly of Cold War Woodworking making some first class presentation boxes to enhance the experience of coin ownership.

I was absolutely impressed with the boxes and to this day believe they are a right fit for Veteran Coin but, also felt that something a little more 'Everyday Carry' was needed and so began the search for the coin case.

I spoke to our engraver - Aaron who introduced me to Aadam, a big fan of Veteran Coins who has partnered up with Jeremy and they make 3D items for Hollywood sets , Star Wars among them. I had two items in mind, one of which he has still to devise but, he quickly came up with this one.

With the different manufacturers of our coins to date it has been necessary to make sligh adjustments in the case sizes. This doesn't affect the customer as we only sell our coins with the applicable case however, if you are buying a case for an existing coin we need to know which coin it is.

$20 plus shipping.
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